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The Richard Lawson Studios uses a complete approach that includes traditional scene study, exercises, audition classes, and combines them with on-camera instruction, filmmaking, and business administration to form a whole, comprehensive
course of study.

  • Scene Study
  • Audition Boot Camp
  • Cold Reading
  • Professional Development Program (PDP) 1.0
  • Professional Development Program (PDP) 2.0
  • Stand-up
  • Voice
  • Young Artist Program – Acting Class for Rising Stars
  • Private Coaching
  • Online Classes

Any of the classes above can be taken individually, however, one of the most revolutionary
aspects of this school, and what sets us apart from every other teaching model, is the concept of combining scene study with the Professional Development Program to create what we call, the Complete Package.  This concept bridges the gap between learning how to act and learning how to get the job.  They require very different skill sets.  Scene Study is the equivalent of training in the gym and PDP is where you’re in the game, playing it, and winning.  Putting these two elements together can shorten an artist’s journey as much as 5 to 10 years.

A person would take one scene study class and one PDP class per week.  The following are the possible combination of classes:

Scene study class and PDP 1.0
Scene study class and PDP 2.0 (PDP 1.0 must be completed)