Craig Taggart

A native of Missouri, Craig Taggart grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis with a love of theatre and musical comedy performance.  From the Show-me State to the Show Business Mecca of Los Angeles, he has been entertaining audiences with his quick-wit, infectious charm, and an ever-present passion for storytelling.  Equipped with a degree in Theatre Performance from The University of Missouri-Columbia, Taggart has infused his seemingly boundless imagination and solid understanding of story structure to create evidence of his own material with original sketch-based projects such as Hollywood-uh, Could-uh, Should-uh! and the long-running Rise ‘n Shine with Bette & Juliette.  A firm believer in the strength of community and the power of art, he is fiercely committed to developing, nurturing, and collaborating with like-minded creatives in a safe space Where Art Can Occur.