“A fabulous actor, an inventive and insightful teacher and an exciting and imaginative director.”

Doris Roberts – Emmy-Award Winning Actress: Everybody Loves Raymond, Remington Steele, Melissa & Joey, Adam Astra Casting

“Richard Lawson’s teaching was a direct catalyst for an extraordinary surge in my creative juices.  As a result of something he said in class, I have written and directed four plays and one feature film.  Besides having tremendous intelligence and insight as a teacher, Richard can get you off your ass, and help motivate you to do just about anything for your career.”

Rick Pagano – Casting Director: 24, X-Men: The Last Stand, Picket Fences, Hotel Rwanda, Proof, Franklin & Bash

“Watching Mr. Lawson teach is like seeing a potter turn a lump of clay into a beautiful vessel.  His approach is fun and exciting even for those of us who pretend to be jaded by the craft.  He’s good — damn good.”

Glynn Turman – Emmy-Award Winning Actor: The Wire, In Treatment, Resurrection Blvd., A Different World, House of Lies

“Richard Lawson gives the lie to the saying, “those who can’t do, teach.”  For years, this magnificent actor’s own work has not only shown me what brilliant acting is all about, but in his teaching, how one can achieve his own level of excellence.  He is a multi-faceted man, who brings his great humanity and expertise to his acting and teaching.”

Larry Pressman – Actor: American Pie, General Hospital, Crossing Jordan, Judging Amy, Hart of Dixie, Transparent, Doogie Howser, M.D.

“He is more than an acting teacher.  He is a life teacher.”

Bianca Lawson – Actress: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Save The Last Dance, Rogue, Teen Wolf

“To the Serious Acting Professional or Student:

I am delighted to recommend Richard Lawson as a professional acting teacher.  I have known and enjoyed Richard’s work as an actor in theatre, film, and television and for years, have observed him as a teacher-director.  I have seen him perform as an actor in class and many times as a director and teacher in workshop.  His work is consistently outstanding.

As you are aware, Richard has been an actor-teacher in the Milton Katselas workshops.  He is an accomplished practitioner of Katselas’ teachings and has years of successful communication of this method to students.  From excellent actor, he has grown into an excellent teacher.  I have attended his classes and have been impressed with his ability to analyze the work of students and to help them enormously with constructive criticism.  I have submitted scenes I have directed to Richard and benefited from his critiques.

From firsthand observation, I can say that Richard Lawson has the talent and the training to be an impressive influence on actors at all levels of accomplishment.”

Gene Reynolds – Executive Producer: M*A*S*H, Lou Grant, Room 222, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Blossom

“The wins I’ve had since Richard are greater than pre-Richard.”

Jill Marie Jones  – Actress: Girlfriends, Drool, The Longshots, Sleepy Hollow, Ash vs Evil Dead

“If I ever win an Oscar, there are three people I will thank first: my mother, my father, and Richard Lawson.”

Bryan Callen – Actor: Sex and the City, Bad Santa, Fat Actress, The Hangover Parts I & II, The Goldbergs

“I attended one of Richard’s classes at a film festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica a while back.  His approach to acting demands honesty and respect for the art, and his students scuttle to meet him with that same spirit.  A disciple of Milton Katselas, his mentor endorses him–what an honor.  I respect Richard as an artist and as a friend.”

Art Evans – Actor: A Soldier’s Story, Leadbelly, Ruthless People, Love That Girl!, Lincoln Heights

“Richard Lawson is the best in the business.”

Grant Show – Actor: Private Practice, Swingtown, Melrose Place, Dirt, Devious Maids

“Richard Lawson has had a wonderful career as an actor in all facets of the business.  Along the way, he has collected great information from teachers as well as his own sharp intuition.  Because of his love of craft and life, he always impressed me with his insights in teaching the struggling actor how to see.  A powerful actor, a powerful teacher.  We should all be so blessed.”

Thaao Penghlis – Actor: Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, Mission: Impossible, General Hospital

“Richard Lawson is an amazing acting teacher.  He has taught me so many invaluable things about acting and life!  He has the ability to see each person’s uniqueness and help them bring that quality into their art.  Under his guidance and encouragement, I went from an out-of-work actor about to give up, to a working actor who’s also developing her own production company!

Truly, he is one of the best teachers I have ever had!!!”

Maggie Crosby – Actress: How to Marry a Billionaire, Fear Runs Silent, Mid-Century

“Because of Richard Lawson’s teaching, I am now an award-winning stand-up comedian!  Who knew?  He always encourages me to push the envelope, take risks, and scare myself.  Richard challenged me to embrace the stereotype of Asian women that I’ve always hated.  He pointed out that I’ve spent so much energy trying to resist that stereotype, that I’m still at the effect of it.  He suggested that I embrace the stereotype as part of my artist palette, and see what happens.  It became the gold that I’ve been taking all the way to the bank!  Richard says, “We cannot be all that we can be until we confront what we’re pretending to be.”  That piece of teaching profoundly changed my life, as a person and as an artist.

Through Richard’s guidance, since I began studying with him, I have become a phenomenal actor, I have become a published writer, I have booked more theatrical work than ever before in my career, and I have found my ticket to the party with my stand-up comedy act.

One of the best things about Richard is that he doesn’t care what other people think of him.  He believes that we are only as sick as our secrets.  So I have been able to reveal some of my secrets through the art of acting, and it has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Richard Lawson has everything it takes to be a brilliant acting teacher — passion, insight, humor, talent, wisdom, courage, and magic!”

Suzanne Whang – Actress: Las Vegas, Host of House Hunters on HGTV, Brothers and Sisters, Cold Case, Without a Trace, TMI Hollywood, Kingdom

“Words cannot sufficiently articulate the admiration that I have for Richard Lawson.  He is one of the most giving, loving, and talented people that I know.  I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Richard on All My Children from 1992 to 1994.  I played his spoiled daughter and he was my tolerant and forgiving father.  Yes, art certainly imitated life, but Richard soon became my mentor and friend.  Years later, I had the privilege of studying acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and having Richard as one of my superlative teachers.  I cannot say enough here.  He encouraged me with every fiber of his being to achieve artistic excellence and realize the potential that he saw in me.  I am forever grateful and inspired by his dedication to, and passion for, this elusive art form called acting.”

Ingrid Rogers – Actress: Carlito’s Way, All My Children, One Tough Cop, Murder in the First

“Richard Lawson is a wonderful teacher.  He gets to the core of it.  He is also very easy on the eyes.  Check him out.”

Camille Saviola – Actress: First Monday, Shadows and Fog, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Judging Amy, Entourage

“I’ve known Richard Lawson for over twenty-one years.  I know that for a fact because one of my earliest memories of him has to do with his interest in my very pregnant belly while we were fellow students in Milton Katselas’ master class.  And my daughter just celebrated her birthday.  Over the years, I’ve been privileged to act with Richard and to learn from him in his own acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  He is a deeply committed artist who brings integrity and rigor to all his endeavors.  He has digested the Katselas approach and made it his own.  I’ve witnessed his miraculous ability to assist students of all levels of experience.  He shares his vast experience, his unique insights, and his enormous heart with everyone who comes into his creative sphere.  I recommend him as a teacher wholeheartedly.”

Julie Cobb – Actress: Charles in Charge, Growing Pains, Present Tense, Past Perfect, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Brave New World, Defending Your Life

“You can take what you’ve learned and immediately put it into action.”

Star Hansen – Actress & Certified Professional Organizer® and Productivity Consultant

“I would have never known I was a director…I’m on my 13th feature film”

Griff Furst – Actor & Director: Terminator Genisys, The Red Road, Secrets and Lies, Banshee, Universal Soldiers30 Days to Die, Ghost Shark

“I’ve got my own talk show: Lakshmi Talk Show.”

Lakshmi Manchu – Actress: Kadal, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas, Once Upon a Warrior

“I’m an award-winning filmmaker.”

Lee Nestor – Actress, Director, and Musician: Deadly Sibling Rivalry, Sex and Sensuality, Bitter Sweet

“I’ve created and developed a TV series.”

Jorge Ortiz – Actor, Writer, Producer: Chronicles of the Dead, The VIP Room, Balls to the Wall, General Hospital

“I thought I could never do my film… I could’ve never done it at such a high level, without the RL Studios.”

Nicki Micheaux – Actress, Writer, Producer, Director: Lincoln Heights, Battle Creek, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Their Eyes Were Watching God

“The hardest thing to argue with is results.”

Shirley Brener – Actress & Producer: Righteous Kill, Employee of the Month, Hit List, Chronicles of the Dead

“I’m currently developing my own show.”

Nicole Gerth – Actress: Pie Head: A Kinda’ True Story, Broken Dreams, Modern Family, Hollywood N.O.S.